"Kotoden Story Project" English translation

Editor’s Afterword

When someone uses the phrase laid rail , it often refers to a life of no freedom. It means that someone decides your way of living for you and you do not live your own life. Anyone must have seen young people saying on TV or in the movies, “I don't want to go on the rails laid by my parents.” But once, I would like you to get on a train that runs on a rail that is exactly laid by someone. In the train car, there are people reading books, listening to music, talking to each other, taking

"The Night I Rode the Train with a Cat" Shiho Kozai

On my 29th birthday, I became able to speak with cats. That day, a younger girl at my company offended the president of a client company. After I scolded her about it, apparently, she was crying in the vault. I was then criticized by a senior male worker, The poor thing! You said too much to her! Somehow, I became the one to go apologize to the client company CEO. No sooner than when I had arrived at their company I was scolded by the president, “Why didn’t she come herself?! What about her

"Happy Memories" Noriko Onishi

When raising a child, there are moments when I wonder if I cannot cut out these happy times and memories and preserve them. For example, a single word of my daughter’s clumsy talking, or my children playing house with each other and their adult-like conversational exchanges. There are nonchalant, everyday casual moments, which I will probably forget with time, like when I encouraged my son and witnessed him bursting into smiles after having fallen many times and then suddenly being able to rid

"Left Side Train Windows" Saori Kaneko