"Nostalgic 33-minute Train Ride" Kimura

by 半空文学賞

I buried my face into the scarf that doesn’t really achieve its purpose of protecting me from the cold.

“What’s up with that scarf?” sneered my friend next to me.

“Having it on helps me feel warm,” I replied, and stepped into the toasty train car.

“Gatan, goton.” If I were to describe the sound of the train, it would surely be like that. A comfortable sound, a gentle vibration. Rocked by the train, my friend was asleep before I knew it. Her phone looked like it was about to fall from the palm of her hand. While being cautious of that, I gazed out the window on the other side.

I’ve known this scenery for three years already. It didn’t have any feeling of novelty, but it was still nice. The morning sun reflecting off of the deep blue ocean was somewhat dazzling, but without time to look away it was followed by a sea of trees, and before long towns appeared here and there. I continued admiring the scenery, absentmindedly as usual.

If I say, “We will arrive soon,” her eyelids will open slowly, and her pupils will peak through, phone still in her hand. While yearning for this warm everyday life, the future is not that far away.

We step off the train into the dreary open air, and start walking.

The 3rd Nakazora Literary Award

"Kotoden Story Project"